Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Sylvancroft's role in the modernization of Edmonton architecture

Can a residential development successfully build build on the past?

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Stu Chell's efforts to grow the Alberta beer industry

Before there was the local craft beer boom, there was Hog's Head

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How to safely deal with asbestos in your home

Use extreme caution around this known carcinogen

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How to cook a perfect turkey

The secret steps to a succulent bird.

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How to budget for the Christmas holiday season

Avoid the holiday spending hangover

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How to make bannock

NAIT staffer Derek Thunder shares his personal recipe for this hearty bread.

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Food trends of the past 50 years

For NAIT's 50th anniversary, we look back on a half-century of cooking

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The origins of NAIT

In 1962, on 26 acres near Edmonton’s municipal airport, the polytechnic admitted its first class

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The meaning of Ookpik

How NAIT got its mascot.

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A case study in transformational leadership: Glenn Feltham

Two University of Alberta students share their observations of the president of NAIT.

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Massimo Capra visits NAIT as Hokanson Chef in Residence

The chef with the heart of a cook brings authentic Italian to Culinary Arts students

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