Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Make cheesecake with your backyard sour cherries

When the yard gives you sour cherries, make cheesecake.

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Beer recommendations and pairing tips from Craft Beer Market's Peter Skwaruk

Despite a history as a macro-beer drinker, the executive chef is a resolute craft convert.

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MP @r_boissonnault joined #NAIT President & CEO Dr. Glenn Feltham for a tour of the Centre for Applied Technology, which welcomed its first staff and students today! 🎉

The Pokémon Go workout

Turn your augmented reality adventure into a full-body workout.

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Rob Kaye shares the secrets of his success in self-publishing

The ex-park warden was used to working alone. Publishing was no different.

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How to keep your dog safe on hot days

Be proactive rather than reactive to protect your furry friend's health.

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Holger Petersen celebrates 40 years of Stony Plain Records

Holger Petersen reflects on 4 decades of making music and on the records that made it possible.

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How to make a perfect burger

Make this summer staple spectacular with creativity and expert advice.

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How to become a faster long-distance runner

A veteran Ironman triathlete reveals the secrets to speed.

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How to make your yard and garden more drought tolerant

You are your garden's guardian. Teach it to take care of itself.

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NAIT students produce award-winning documentary about Alfie Zappacosta

The Edmonton-based musician liked the movie but found parts of his past tough to watch.

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A NAIT alum's experience fighting fires in Fort McMurray

How Justin Birch did his part in Alberta's largest-ever fire evacuation.

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