Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Recipe: Rebecca Grant's Cinnamon Meltaways

A taste of the Violet Chocolate Co. in your own kitchen.

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6 steps toward influencing others

Get your ideas adopted with these communication techniques.

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How to give and receive feedback

No matter what side you're on, let respect be your guide.

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Rebecca Grant's Violet Chocolate Co. takes its place among the world's best chocolatiers

A flair for unusual flavours is earning the alum international acclaim.

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Shane Turgeon's pursuit of happiness

How a serious toy collector realized life was about more than little plastic figurines

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How to have difficult conversations

It's all in how you say it.

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6 simple steps toward a positive attitude

Change how you see the world. No rose-coloured glasses required.

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How to quit sitting around and reduce the associated health risks

Your daily workout doesn't mean squat if you spend the rest of your day on your butt

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LED vs. incandescent Christmas lights

Add more cheer to the season without the cost.

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How to winterize your vehicle

Cruise through the coldest part of the year.

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How to prepare your lawn for the winter

Simple fixes for happier, healthier grass and roots

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11 months in Antarctica

Spencer Smirl joined the Coldest Journey as a heavy duty mechanic - and lived to tell the tale

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