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Stories about NAIT

NAIT celebrates 15 years in Cuba

A decade and a half of building a trades school and improving career prospects.

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Meet Lou Zoldan, megaproject expert and project manager of the Centre for Applied Technology

A grad returns to oversee the building of NAIT's biggest capital project ever.

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Lynn Crawford visits NAIT as 2014 Hokanson Chef in Residence

The Ruby Watchco owner reveals the reality of being a celebrity chef

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6 pieces of advice from telecommunications pioneer JR Shaw

Set the example, share knowledge, focus on home life and more.

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The struggle to save the Sturgeon River watershed

Two NAIT instructors are focusing their efforts on a dying river - before it's too late

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No Guts No Glory: Chris Cosentino visits NAIT as Hokanson Chef in Residence

Focus on offal reminds students where meat comes from and how to use it responsibly

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Tipi raising at NAIT Main Campus

A look at a traditional First Nations event

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The origins of NAIT

In 1962, on 26 acres near Edmonton’s municipal airport, the polytechnic admitted its first class

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The meaning of Ookpik

How NAIT got its mascot.

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A case study in transformational leadership: Glenn Feltham

Two University of Alberta students share their observations of the president of NAIT.

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