Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

#NAITOpenHouse is on today and Saturday! Check out simulations (like this one by @naithealthsci!), experience hands-on learning opportunities, tour #NAIT, ask questions

Pros and cons of running a restaurant near Edmonton's arena

The mixed blessings of the downtown boom

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5 things to know about bitcoin

Economic impact, the block chain, possible flaw, and more

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That late afternoon sunlight ✨

The techlifetoday guide to Thanksgiving

Let's talk turkey - and more!

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5 pets that should never have been released into the wild

Or, why you should never free your goldfish

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Ernest's welcomes first-ever executive chef

Chef Michael Hassall leads a unique initiative to connect with the community

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Just can't get enough of those fall colours 😍 #NAIT

NAIT launches 3 new programs

A North American first, Baking expanded, and a focus on entrepreneurship

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How to prepare a 72-hour emergency kit

We hope you never need one. If you do, here's what to pack

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Today is #NAIT Aboriginal Culture Day! Staff and students enjoyed stew and bannock for lunch while watching an incredible dance performance!

5 Cree words from the tipi pole teachings

Life lessons for everyone - in one of the languages of Treaty 6 territory

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