Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

#NAIT students + staff shared kind and positive messages in handmade cards today. Thank you @naitstudents for hosting the card making table in CAT!


The techlifetoday guide to RRSPs and retirement saving

What you need to know about smart retirement savings

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What menu calorie counts don't tell us

How to get past numbers that have nothing to do with nutrition

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Check out #NAIT's new driving simulator! πŸš‘ The student behind the wheel must deal with real world scenarios as they drive the ambulance to the scene of an accident. They

How to manage emotional eating

What to do when hunger isn't driving food choices

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The log roller's waltz - a NAIT vignette

The campus may not be white water, but the spirit is the same

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Have you met Flynn? He is #NAIT's therapy dog 🐢 if you're feeling stressed or anxious, you can find him in W111PB 🐾 He loves spending time with humans! #BellLetsTalk

How to cook a perfect steak indoors

When the barbecue isn't an option, take your steak indoors

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The art of the secret social job search

How to explore your options without raising suspicions

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The NAIT guide to food and drink

Experience the talents of our alumni - and never again be at a loss for a new restaurant to try.

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Today is #NAITCareerFair! Dress your best, bring some resumes + get networking! The event is on until 3:00 in the #NAIT gym. πŸ‘”πŸ’ΌπŸ“‡

How to write a winning cover letter

It's still an industry standard - and it's not hard to do

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