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Subject: Business

EcoAmmo turns 10 in the Mosaic Centre, Edmonton's greenest office building

Take a tour of a structure some said couldn't be built.

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Danny Pines strikes a balance between being a musician and a business student

The proof: an atmospheric instrumental album called Centrifuge.

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Confetti Sweets' amazing Oscar adventure

What owner Kathy Leskow saw and learned at the glitzy Hollywood event

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A beginner's guide to Snapchat

Fun, fleeting and seriously engaging.

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Twitter tips for beginners

You have 140 characters. Use them wisely.

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How to win at the crowdfunding game

How Sylvia Cheverie ran Canada's most successful restaurant online fundraising campaign ever to open Chartier.

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How Jay Downton became a leader in Edmonton's creative economy

What failure taught one of the city's most respected entrepreneurs.

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Nomad Espresso brings mobile craft coffee to Edmonton

Steven Moyer has caffeine, will travel.

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Escape City deepens the allure of live action escape games

A look at the business of live-action escape rooms.

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6 steps toward influencing others

Get your ideas adopted with these communication techniques.

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Rebecca Grant's Violet Chocolate Co. takes its place among the world's best chocolatiers

A flair for unusual flavours is earning the alum international acclaim.

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Shane Turgeon's pursuit of happiness

How a serious toy collector realized life was about more than little plastic figurines

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