Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

How to quit sitting around and reduce the associated health risks

Your daily workout doesn't mean squat if you spend the rest of your day on your butt.

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LED vs. incandescent Christmas lights

Add more cheer to the season without the cost.

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How to winterize your vehicle

Cruise through the coldest part of the year.

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How to prepare your lawn for the winter

Simple fixes for happier, healthier grass and roots

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11 months in Antarctica

Spencer Smirl joined the Coldest Journey as a heavy duty mechanic - and lived to tell the tale

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7 ways to get ahead by being a good person

CJ Woods doesn't see "nice" and "winning" as mutually exclusive.

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Monthly Meowbox surprises cats and owners alike

Solve the problem of feline boredom once and for all.

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How to go solo to mixers, conferences and other events

Get noticed - for the right reasons.

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Cookbook shows how to bake like the Duchess

One of Edmonton's most celebrate bakeries reveals its recipes

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Meet Flynn, NAIT's assisted-therapy dog

It's a ruff job but some puppy's gotta do it.

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How to choose the right floors for every room in your home

When to use -- and not use -- carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate and more.

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6 pieces of advice from telecommunications pioneer JR Shaw

Set the example, share knowledge, focus on home life and more.

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