Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Revolution Ice Cream aims to "disrupt" the local food industry

Does Edmonton's love of "craft" extend to frozen treats?

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Saving wildlife all in a day's work

A look inside wildlife rescue and rehab in Alberta

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What a great day 🌈 Thank you to everyone who made some noise at the #NAITPride Walk!! 💜❤️💙💚 #NAIT

Bot brings artificial intelligence to the boardroom

AI software takes meeting notes, improves with practice

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Why - and how - to cook with cricket powder

An unusual ingredient with surprising benefits

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Why we celebrate Pride Week

Students and staff share what Pride Week means to them

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How to make your own luck

NAIT students, staff and alumni share lucky strategies

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Q&A with 2018 Hokanson Chef in Residence Rod Butters

Rod Butters dishes on where he finds inspiration, snack foods and more

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Welcome to Chef Rod Butters, our 2018 Hokanson Chef in Residence! He’ll be here all week, sharing his knowledge with #NAIT Culinary students and staff 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳...

A guide to tasting craft beer

Navigating through the many flavours of the world of craft beer has never been easier.

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Overcoming anxiety: me vs. myself

NAIT student offers insight into an increasingly common disorder

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How to get your content seen on Facebook

Tips on working around an algorithm that works against small businesses

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