Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

8 great study spaces at NAIT

Bright spaces designed for comfort and learning 

The time outside of classes and labs is just as important as that spent with instructors. It's during those hours that all that new knowledge is digested, projects are worked on, and collaborations occur. All of that, however, needs a place to happen.

There is no shortage of such places on NAIT's Main Campus – a point that was well illustrated in an August 2022 column in the NAIT Nugget, the polytechnic's student newspaper. Thus inspired (and with their blessing!), we've turned their great list of eight spaces into an interactive map.

So curl up in a comfy chair, sequestor yourself in a cubicle, or pull up a chair amid the white noise of a bright, open space and take in all the benefits of the polytechnic experience.

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