3 tricks for a healthy Halloween

Halloween doesn't have to mean giving up on your health goals

halloween chocolate

The summer has come to an end and the crisp fall weather is rolling in. This also means that Halloween is just around the corner and the temptation to fill our bellies with candy corn, chocolate, pie and pumpkin spice everything is endless!

For some of us, Halloween shopping started back when those big boxes and bags of candy first appeared on the shelves. We buy a box of mini chocolate bars and tell ourselves it is for the children. But by the time we're driving home, our knuckles are deep into Kit Kats and Smarties.

Well,  as NAIT's registered dietitian, what if I told you that Halloween doesn’t have to mean forfeiting all your current health goals? It doesn't have to be a scary holiday when it comes to sticking to a sensible diet. Here are some tips to surviving All Hallow’s Eve.

Trick 1 – Eat good chocolate

Instead of inhaling milk or cheap white chocolate, try 85% dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and has a kick of fibre, which means a few squares are lot better choice than their highly processed counterparts.

Struggling with a fear of the dark? Start with 60% dark chocolate and work your way up.

frozen, chocolate-covered bananasTrick 2 – Make your own treats

Some of us face Halloween candy at work daily. We try hard to resist, but after walking by the overflowing bowl of Sour Patch Kids for the third time there's no stopping yourself from grabbing a package … or two … or three.

Take control of the bowl – make a healthier treat for the office to enjoy. You'll still get something delicious, all the while becoming super popular!

Need an idea? Try cutting bananas in half, put them on Popsicle sticks and freeze them. Once they're frozen, dip them in melted, dark chocolate, add some crushed nuts or pretzels and refreeze. It's a treat that promises to be thrilling!

Trick 3 – Enjoy your favourites

We are all going to indulge from time to time. When you do, choose wisely; eat something that you will truly enjoy. Pick 2 or 3 of your favourite seasonal treats and enjoy them – just don’t go overboard.

This is also great to do with your little monsters. Have them sort their candy into two piles – “can live without” and “can’t live without.” We all get candy on halloween candyHalloween we can live without or don’t enjoy (I'm looking at you, Goodies). Take what you don't need and share it with friends and workmates or donate it to your local shelter.

Remember, if you do happen to overindulge, don’t beat yourself up. It's a holiday, after all, that only comes around once a year .

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